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His Master's Voice Band

a cappella vocal group

Group members

Klára Jakšičová

Soprán, * 1994, member of the group since 2011.

HMVB Photo: Klára Jakšičová HMVB Photo: Klára Jakšičová

The youngest singer (by age) of His Master's Voice Band, (originally alternating for leaving soprano Jana Haraštová). In addition to singing, she plays the guitar and cello together with Denisa Gyürkeová as Duo Glissando. A learner of the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and College on the violoncello and a student of italianistics on the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague.

Lenka Čechtická

Alto, * 1982, founder member of the group

HMVB Photo: Lenka Čechtická

Chief-executive of the commission on hepatic quietude. Soprano, alt or tenor with absolutely noncompetive vocal range of three octaves (where is the rest of the group), for most time singing alt parts. The only girl in the founder quintuplet of His Master's Voice Band.

She learned playing clarinet and saxophone at the Primary Art School in Sezimovo Ústí. She is a former member of the Pierre de Coubertin Gymnasium Choir; she was also playing in ex-formations Vintage, Animus Anima, and VOT. Besides His Master's Voice Band she is also singing in Domino (Tábor) and in the international art group Artn (Prague). Her formal profession is an engineer-designer in a building company, on that day at the maternity leave (see also Josef's profile).

Eva „Krize” Křížová

Alto, Manager, alto, * 1977, member of the group since 2012

Very powerful member for the team-building and hepatic training, vice-president of the department of personnel backups. She became a member of the group in the autumn 2012 as a stand-in for alto Lenka and tenor Houdík.

Graduate of the Prague Children Choir (from 1983 to 1994), she is now a member of the Charles University Choir (since 1997) and external singing member of the drama section of the National Theatre in Prague (since 2004). In the past, she was also involved in the projects of the Prague Singers and Artn Choir. She works as marketing specialist, on that day at the maternity leave.

Michal “Houdík” Houda

Tenor, * 1977, founder member of the group

HMVB Photo: Michal Houda HMVB Photo: Michal Houda

As a right tenor he is always singing under the pitch (sometimes its own one). Playlist editor, official arrhytmist and unofficial secretary of the art director of the group.

He went through a standard educational process of the Popular Art School in Sezimovo Ústí in playing clarinet but most often he plays guitar (by incommutable style trashfolk). He is a member of Domino (Tábor) and Artn (Prague) choirs. A professional mathematician (econometrician) – a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice; also an active member of Pionýr and a chief of the child holiday camp Vávrovka organized by 19. pionýrská skupina Tábor (19th group of Pionýr in Tábor).

Josef “Pepa” Čechtický

Baritone and Bass, * 1983, founder member of the group

HMVB Photo: Josef Čechtický HMVB Photo: Josef Čechtický

A primer mover in constituing the group; its art director and chief-executive for team building and hepatic training. As the art director he arranges everything – as the enrolment of new (woman) singers for example. (The teambuilding and recruiting singers goes so far that with one of HMVB singers Lenka decided to work on generational advances. The youngest HisMaster is called Mary and she was born on 16 September 2010.)

During 1989–2002 he attended both cycles of classic piano courses at the Oskar Nedbal Primary Art School in Tábor led by Helena Boučková. Nowadays he is a learner of the Composition and Conduction Department of the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and College in Prague in class of prof. Bořivoj Suchý. He teaches piano at Tábor Oskar Nedbal Primary Art School . In addition, he acts as a lecturer in the project Malý Dvořák (Little Dvorak), a school of small composers.

Besides His Master's Voice Band he leeds the choir Prague Hlahol. He acts as a singer in the chamber choir Domino (Tábor), international art group Artn (Prague) and international choir World Voices. As a pianist he is a member and art director of Bucetuce Quartet (jazz, jazzrock – Tábor), and the Swing Band Tábor orchestra.

Jakub “Kuba Smrk” Smrčka

Bass and Baritone, * 1974, founder member of the group

HMVB Photo: Jakub Smrčka HMVB Photo: Jakub Smrčka

At the beginning the art director and minister of pre-concert panic, now the director and an officer for the rest between attempts of organism intoxication by C2H5OH agent.

Choirs and their surroundings is matter of his musical live; he has been a member of many choirs since 1989, among them the special Czech choir, Bohemiachor, deserves a prominent position. In January 2009, he became a new choirmaster of Domino, Tábor chamber choir. By its civil profession historiographer and chief of Hussite Museum in Tábor, besides the theologian and deacon of the Old Catholic Church.

Supporting Team

David Juráň

Sound engineer

Master of his profession, sound engineer of the Oskar Nedbal Theatre. Also a former bass-guitarist and a guitarist in Tábor bands Acoustic Impact and Vintage.

Petr Kukla (Buklák)

Choreographer and presenter, * 1977, member of the supporting team since 2010

An only artist with the matching title. He was introduced for the first time with His Master's Voice Band at the CD African Fever introduction in Oskar Nedbal Theatre in Autumn 2009. Since then, there was only a small step to the agreement on the mutual collaboration on the choreography of the group. Professional director of (its own) consultant firm REGIO projekt.

Former members

Anna “Alpa” Nimrichtrová

Alt, * 1991, member of the group 2007–2014.

HMVB Photo: Anna Nimrichtrová

Anna was first performing at Christmas concert 2007 in St. Philip and Jacob Church in Tábor, after passing the “competition” during the visit of other members of His Master's Voice Band at summer camp Vávrovka (where she also gained her nickname “Alpa”). A chronicler, a trustee for end-of-rehearsal time, and an agent for contact with group members …

Educated at the Oskara Nedbal Primary Art School in Tábor, she is a former member of Helena Boučková's child choir, and a former member of the Gymnasium Pierre de Coubertin Choir in Tábor. Former student of the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, teaching today.

Jan “Honza” Čechtický

Manager, beatbox, occasional bass, * 1984, member of the group 2006–2013

HMVB Photo: Jan Čechtický

As the manager he arranges big majority of performances of His Master's Voice Band; sometimes, especially if he had time for rehearsals, he is also singing with the group :–)

Between 1990–1996 he finished first cycle of the classic piano course led by Helena Boučová at the Oskar Nedbal Primary Art School in Tábor. Afterwards, he starts playing percussions in (no longer existing) group Slunowrat (Solstice), and, led by Milan Cvígr, he is studying percussion music more intensively. He played in Slunowrat, Vintage, and Uncle's Band, today he plays in BuCeTuCe Quartet. He is also a former member of Domino (Tábor) and Artn (Prague) choirs. He works in Tábor hospital.

Jana Haraštová

Soprano, * 1984, member of the group 2008–2011.

HMVB: Foto Jana Haraštová HMVB Photo: Jana Haraštová

A director of vocal education and an agent for touching in group fans. Regular member of the ensemble until her departure for long-term business stay abroad in spring 2011.

From 1990 until 2003 led by Lenka Svobodová, she attended both cycles of piano courses at the Oskar Nedbal Primary Art School in Tábor; at the same time she was a member of Helena Boučová's child choir. She started with intensive singing rehearsals since age of fourteen; her first teacher was Karolína Bubleová-Berková. She joined courses of Libuše Voběrková, Ĺubica Dubková and prof. Václav Zítek (National Theatre). During her graduate studies in Prague and Vienna collaborated with vocal and music educators prof. Iva Volavá and prof. Danieli Treffner. Former member of Tábor choirs of Pierre de Coubertin Gymnasium and Domino. Since 2001 she was a soloist of Tábor Garrison Orchestra discontinued in the autumn of 2009. She currently works as a representative of the British travel agency in the Mediterranean.

Hana “Han(ič)ka” Szolgayová

Soprano, * 1985, member of the group 2006–2010

HMVB Photo: Hana Szolgayová HMVB Photo: Hana Szolgayová

Starting as an alto, she adopted soprano parts after withdrawal of founder soprano singers. A teatime manager, top wine degustator and reporter of rehearsal late arrivals.

She attended the Oskar Nedbal Primary Art School of Tábor and Helena Boučková's child choir. She is also a former member of Domino (Tábor) and a ArtN (Prague) choirs. Graduate of the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

Former members