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Biography of the group

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After returning of Houdík from France, the group is leaved by Alpa. After the performances in Černošice (near Prague) and in Tábor, the season culminates by the concert in Czech Radio České Budějovice as Studio Night Concert.

March 22Černošice u Prahy, Club Kinoconcert
June 8Tábor, garden of Střelnicepromenade concert
August 17Černošice, squareperformance as a part of cultural programme of Mariana pilgrimage
November 8Tábor, KD StřelniceVocalia – festival of popular music in vocal arrangements
November 26České Budějovice, Czech RadioStudio Night Concert
December 23Tábor, Orion Music ClubChristmas concert


Eva Křížová's Mission has prolonged unexpectedly with the departure of tenor Michal Houda to the one-year traineeship in Paris. The farewell concert took place in Café Kulík in Tábor where we had been invited by Tarapaca Jazz. The season continued in the Bohemian Forest (Šumava) Mountains town of Volary, and was ended by a traditional concert in MC Orion.

March 2Tábor, Café Kulíkas „opening“ for Tarapaca Jazz
April 13Volary, Hall of Basic Art Schoolconcert
June 8Praha, Big Hall of Hlaholperformance at the benefice concert for help people affected by flood
June 30Tábor, Na Sadech Pubperformance at the benefice concert for ZOO Prague
August 31Tábor, Gotic Hall of theHussite Museum vernissage of the book Tábor by Jára Novotný
September 14Tábor, Cloister GarthTábor Meetings, common concert with Timbertone
November 9Tábor, KD StřelniceVocalia – festival populární hudby ve vokálních úpravách
December 1Tábor-Horkyadvent performance at the chappel
December 1Milevskoperformance at the lighting up Christmas decorations
December 23Tábor, Orion Music ClubChristmas concert


Expected, relatively long playing recording with the name Insight has been released in June and introduced in Oskar Nedbal Theatre with the participation of local musicians Denisa Gyürkeová and Štěpán Tůma. We had completed autumn and winter performances with Eva Křížová replacing temporarily Lenka which has endowed us (and especially Josef) with the second addition to the tiny His Master's family.

Přehled vystoupení 2012

March 9Škofja Loka (SLO), Sokolski Domvernissage of the exhibition
March 10Škofja Loka (SLO), Sokolski Domconcert
March 30Tábor, Cultural House Střelniceperformance at the charity gala of Hrzán himself!
June 8Tábor, garden of Střelnice performance at the charity concert for Cheiron T (at 15th birthday)
June 19Tábor, Oskar Nedbal Theatreintroducing CD Insight with BuCeTuCe Quartet and Duo Glissando
July 14Tábor, Žižka Squareconcert at chlastánek (Taverna)
August 31Tábor, Gothic Hall of the Hussite Museum vernissage of the book Tábor by photographer Jára Novotný
October 5Tábor, City Hall Art Gallery vernissage of the Blexbolex&Atak exhibition as a part of TaBook 2012 festival
October 28Tábor, Cultural House StřelniceDay of the Rebublic
December 20Sezimovo Ústí, Tomáš Baťa SquareLive Bethlehem
December 23Tábor, Orion Music ClubChristmas concert


After the first winter-spring concerts in Počepice, České Budějovice and Tábor, Jana Haraštová is going to stay abroad for business. In its place (originally temporary) starts young student from Tábor Klára Jakšičová; first presented at the May promenade concert. The global financial crisis is reflected also by significantly smaller number of concert invitations compared to recent years; in spite of this the group attends about ten shorter or longer performances. For the Tábor meetings we invited the Prague girls vocal quartet G*apeels again after two years. At the beginning of summer we start to record a new, full-format album, which release is planned for the turn of the year. The year 2011 culminates in the evening before Christmas Eve by the Christmas concert in Orion Music Club in Tábor.

Performances 2011

January 16Počepice near SedlčanyEpiphany Concert
March 2Milevsko, Gallery Mvernissage of Sport Moments exhibition
March 8České Budějovice, U Kapličky Theatreconcert
March 11Tábor, Oskar Nedbal TheatreXI Lions Club Tábor benefit concert
May 15Tábor, Na Sadech Pub3rd Spring promenade concert, with the Skellig band
July 9Suchdol nad LužnicíSuchdol Theatre Nights
August 13Tábor, Oskar Nedbal TheatreNedbal's Night
September 10Tábor, Cloister GarthTábor Meetings, common concert with G*apeels
September 16Stádlecconcert with Jiří Matyáš Band
December 16Tábor, St. Phillip and Jacob ChurchChristmas charity concert for the Rotary Club Tábor
December 23Tábor, Orion Music ClubChristmas concert


Spring 2010 catches the vocal group at hardworking stage but concert opportunities are rare compared to the successful 2009 year; the group is performing only in Tábor (Na Sadech Pub) and on Tábor Meetings again with Voxtet. The group is left by founder member Hana Szolgayová and a forthcoming mother Lenka is temporarily replaced by Hana Doudová who has already sung with the group at its infancy. The year is ended by the Christmas concert series.

Performances 2010

January 29Prague, Portheimka Galleryvernissage of 20 yers of Pionýr
January 29Prague, Valdstejn Palace of the Senate of CRceremony to the 20 years of restoration of the independent activities of Pionýr
May 30Tábor, Na Sadech PubSpring open air promenade concert, with the folk group Za Sluncem
Jule 15Tábor, Na Sadech Pubconcert
Jule 30Prague, Karlín Music Theatreperformance at the TV show Talentmania
September 11Tábor, Cloister GarthTábor Meetings, double concert together with Voxtet
4. říjenPragueceremony of “Resort” (Přístav) Award of Czech Council of Children and Youth
8. listopadTábor, Oskar Nedbal Theatre autumn concert
16. prosinecMilevsko, House of CultureChristmas concert
17. prosinecTábor, St. Philip and Jacob ChurchChristmas charity concert for the Rotary Club Tábor
21. prosinecTábor, Orion Music ClubChristmas concert


With successful spring concerts in Constance (Germany, in occasion of 25th anniversary of Tábor-Konstanz partnership), and concert tour in Tábor department and in Prague, His Master's Voice Band entered its second regular concert season. The season continued with no less successful performances on Tábor Meetings with G*apeels (Prague vocal group), autumn tour, recording and releasing the demo CD recording African Fever and its November introduction with the outstanding Czech vocal group Voxtet as a guest. At the end of the year we are going to repeat the series of Jazzy Christmas to You concerts at some venues in Czech Republic again with Tarapaca Jazz. By the way: This year just three members of HMVB got married. Lenka and Josef (these together), and Jana.

Performances 2009

January 8Tábor, Theatre Clubvernissage of Balóny nad Táborem (Balloons over Tábor) exhibition
March 30Prague, Czech University of Live Sciencestogether with G*apeels
May 2Tábor, Velký Šanc Spring open air promenade concert
May 16DírnáMother's day
May 23Konstanz (DE)25th annivesary of Tábor and Konstanz partnership
June 5Tábor, Sokol Swimming-Bathhappening for Jordán
June 19Tábor, Sokol Swimming-Bathhappening for Jordán
June 24Tábor, Šechtl & Voseček Museum of Photographyvernissage of South Bohemian Exhibition in Tábor
June 27Tábor, Kvěch Millwedding – private venue
June 29Červená Lhotanew exposition opening
June 29Veselí nad Lužnicívernissage of Slavné vily jižních Čech (Famous Residences of South Bohemia) exhibition
July 4Chotoviny, St. Peter and Paul Churchwedding of Lenka and Josef
July 8Prague, Villa Richter73rd Prague Meeting on Macromolecule – private venue
September 12Tábor, Cloister GarthTábor Meetings, double concert together with G*apeels
October 23Reingers (AT), Kapelle
October 28Milevsko, House of Cultureconcert at venue of the 91st annivesary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia
November 20Tábor, Oskar Nedbal Theatre Introducing new CD African Fever with Voxtet
November 27Děčín, House of Culturebenefition
November 29Prachatice, National HouseJazzy Christmas to You, together with Tarapaca Jazz
December 1Praha, Novodvorská Cultural CenterJazzy Christmas to You
December 30Chotoviny, oratory of Czechoslovak Hussite ChurchChristmas concert


His Master's Voice Band definitely started to build a new, especially jazz and pop-rock repertoire. Big changes was made on line-up in ladies' part of ensemble. We met Vladislava Tomanová as a soprano for few performances, Alpa and Han(ič)ka swap their parts. In that line-up the group performs on three festivals in Tábor (Kotnov, Summer over Jordán, and Tábor Meetings) and at other subtle venues. The group finalizes this concert season with very successful concert together with jazz combo from Tábor Tarapaca Jazz and a new sopranist Jana Haraštová replacing Vladislava on the post.

Performances 2008

January 10Tábor, Gothic Hallvernissage of Místa utrpení, smrti a hrdinství (Places of Misery, Death and Heroism) exhibition
March 9Tábor, St. Philip and Jacob Churchceremony for victims of holocaust
April 5České Budějovice, residence of South Bohemian Pionýr accompanying programme of children's competition Zlatá Růže (Golden Rose)
May 3Tábor, Jazz Gallery Charley1st public rehearsal of HMVB
June 19Tábor, KotnovKotnov festival
June 28Tábor, Courtyard of Kotnov CastleLéto nad Jordánem (Summer over Jordan) festival
August 29Tábor, Žižka Squareopen-air concert by the Taverna
September 15Tábor, Cloister GarthTábor Meetings (double concert)
December 19Tábor, Oskar Nedbal TheatreJazzy Christmas to You, together with Tarapaca Jazz
December 20Chotoviny, oratory of Czechoslovak Hussite ChurchChristmas concert


The new impulse for the group activity was cooperation and concerting with Tábor Superstar Band in its project of concert selection of the Jesus Christ Superstar rock opera. At these concerts the enesemble performs as His Master's Voice Band for the first time. But the number of own concerts is still small. The top of the concert season 2007 was the double concert as a part of Tábor Meetings festival in September. After this concert the sopranos Petra Janovská a Hana Doudová left the group. Looking for a new singer lasts only for few days. In short time the group is joined by a new member – Anna “Alpa” Nimrichtrová. Anna appears for the first time at Christmas concert series in Tábor and neighbour villages.

Performances 2007 – Jesus Christ Superstar

April 5České Budějovice, Velbloud Club
April 8Tábor, Milenium Club
May 24Jihlava, Queen's Club
June 1Mariánské Lázně, Na Rampě Club
June 2Aš, Klubíčko Club
June 13Kunžak
August 17Tábor, KlokotyNational Youth Meeting
September 5Kadaň
September 6Karlovy Vary, Husovka Theatre
September 14Tábor, Žižka SquareTábor Meetings

Performances 2007 – own concerts

May 24Sezimovo ÚstíBambiriáda
September 15Tábor, Cloister GarthTábor Meetings (double concert)
December 20Tábor, St. Philip and Jacob Churchtogether with choir Jeronym (Prague), Christmas concert
December 24Tábor, Žižka SquarePeace Light from Bethlehem
December 25HlasivoChristmas concert
December 25Chotoviny, oratory of Czechoslovak Hussite ChurchChristmas concert


The “crime scene” of His Master's Voice Band's birth is Tábor's famous restaurant “U Švejka”. That was the place of frequent after-rehearsal meetings of singers of Domino mixed chamber choir. Three members of this choir (Jakub Smrčka, Michal “Houdík” Houda, and Lenka Heřmánková) was invited by – at that time – “external” friend (Josef Čechtický) to set up the new small vocal band which would be able to take a gig in fourteen days at the benefice Easter with Jesus organized by Fest 2004 on Easter Sunday. This was a great challenge, so in few days they complete the line-up with further singers (Jan Čechtický, Hana Szolgayová, Hana Doudová, Petra Janovská, and Jiří Chroňák).

The new ensemble was named d-mini and spent the short time remaining to gig with rehearsals of well-known songs from Domino. After the success of first concert and very positive reviews of audience the members of the group (except Jordán) decided to continue singing with its own repertoire. However in the rest of year there wasn't (with few exceptions) any other concert for d-mini and the band realized, that this modus of work won't lead onwards to any progress.

Performances 2006

April 16Tábor, MileniumEaster with Jesus
June 3Tábor, St. Philip and Jacob Churchwedding – private venue
December 24Tábor, St. Philip and Jacob Churchmidnight mass
December 26Tábor, Church of Transfiguration of the LordChristmas recital