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His Master's Voice Band

a cappella vocal group


His Master's Voice Band
Družstevní 223, CZ-39002 Tábor
Czech Republic

Identification number:  26554909
Bank account IBAN: CZ59 0300 0000 0002 4142 5042, BIC: CEKOCZPP

Manager: Eva Křížová, phone +420 775 047 727,
Jakub Smrčka, +420 775 047 717

Art director: Josef Čechtický, phone +420 604 911 726

web: hmvb.cz (this page) ::: Facebook / A Cappella CZ / Bandzone.cz

Performance conditions

  • Sound: PA sound system with seven XLR inputs (cannon), output of monitoring signal to 3.5" stereo jack plug (male).
  • If there isn't any PA sound system, we can bring own PA sound system together with us (for further information please use the contacts above).
  • Sound check at least 40 minutes, entrance to stage at least 90 minutes before starting the performance. In case of festival performance it is subject of agreement.
  • Lockable backstage
  • Two places for car parking
  • The price for a performance is everytime subject of agreement with manager.


  • standard concert performance of 60–90 min length (a break is possible);
  • vernissages and accompanying programmes for similar occasions (short 30 minutes programme);
  • festival performances (duration under the terms of the organizer);
  • accompanying programme to the conference meetings (three blocks of 30 minutes);
  • Christmas a cappella programme (from 50 to 90 minutes).